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Francesca Musoni Textile Art & Design

Francesca Musoni, after having achieved the degree in foreign languages and modern foreign literature at the Torino University, she moved to Sweden where she studied applied arts at the Nyckelvikskolan in Stockholm and she graduated in Textile Design at the Boras University.
She experienced working for Swedish companies like IKEA and Almedhals and with the style offices of Bassetti, Braghenti (Ratti group), Limonta and the Mascioni printery in Italy and as a teacher for the Torino European Design Institute. Since 1995 she has dedicated herself to hand serigraphy and hand painting on tissues in unique exeplares for clothing and interior design.
In 2003 she moved to the countryside to enjoy the beautiful landscape of her native land. Here she works and passes on her passion for colors teaching the different technics in residential summer workshops. Her works have been exposed in arts and design exhibitions and used in movies and theatre productions.